Unravelling Intriguing Things That Happened To London

Beautiful View Of London

London is an old and historic place that has witnessed a number of significant events. However, there have also been some intriguing events that form the history of London. So, there is something mysterious about the place that gives London an eerie appearance. People are always captivated by this strange turn of events; so, here are some peculiar events that London witnessed.

The Flying Castle Incident

Dreamspace V, an inflatable structure, was dexterously designed by creative artist Maurice Agis. He planned the structure in such a manner that it was to bounce a bit and give exhilarating experience to the visitors, as they would acknowledge the beauty of the structure along with witnessing great pieces of artwork that were installed adjacent to this bouncy structure. However, quite strangely, without any warning the structure got untethered and soared into the air, taking all the people inside to a height of 50 ft. This incident resulted in two deaths, while 13 people were injured because of this fatal accident.

Birds Overpowering Big Ben

Big Ben is an unmistakable spot in London and everyone is invariably fascinated by this gigantic four-sided clock. Moreover, apart from its architectural design and beauty, people rely on it for getting accurate time. However, Big Ben got overpowered by a bunch of birds in 1945 who sat on the minute hand together and managed to turn back time by five minutes, and in turn, pushed the city back by five minutes as well.

Strange Case Of Walkie-Talkie Building

Some architectural designs are a delight to watch; while, some of them provide eerie and uncanny feeling to the people. The design of Walkie-Talkie building is such, since many people have been a victim of its strange design. To begin with, the building is made of strong glass material that reflects the sunbeam in such a manner that it manages to reflect strongly at one point, thereby melting the things on which the rays converge. This was seen when a Jaguar parked nearby got completely melted. And then, people started reporting how their bicycles seats, shoes, etc. were getting scorched. Apart from this flaw, the shape of the building is such that it creates a number of downdraughts whereby strong winds strike the people with mighty force and knock them over.

Scary Incident Of Pollution Killing Thousands Of People

We always receive a number of warnings regarding the damage we are causing to the environment; and, there is no one in London who won’t pay attention to such warnings, especially after the 1952 incident. People in London witnessed a bizarre phenomenon back then as the whole city got engulfed in a smogstorm, wherein there was a blanket of coal smoke, cold weather, and windless conditions all over the city. Unfortunately, this storm managed to invade into the homes of Londoners, thereby choking around 4000 people to death. Not only this, it affected more than .1 million people at that time!

Chilling Incident Of Skeleton Watching TV

Strange incidents happen everywhere, and one such bizarre and eccentric incident happened in 2006, when Housing Association broke into a house because the occupant hadn’t been paying her rent regularly. However, they were frozen to locate a skeleton sitting on the sofa and watching TV, which had apparently been turned on for the past 3 years.

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