Unearthing The Perfect Spots For Street Photography In London

Picture Of A Man Posing Taking Picture

London has always been the great tourist destination, as it has rich cultural history- the iconic sites that are of historical significance are found in abundance here. Moreover, tourists are always enchanted by the magnetic charm of the London streets, since they serve as ideal locations for street photography. Tourists can really click some memorable pictures here. Moreover, there are some spots that are even better than others in terms of the settings and environment; so, here are the perfects spots for street photography in London that tourists should visit.

Camden Town

Camden Town has always been a perfect spot for photography, and in fact, it is one of the most favourite spots for street photographers who are invariably enchanted by the markets in the Camden Lock. However, the place could be really quirky and busy during the day, and clicking the shot becomes difficult; so, it is recommended that tourists hit the site early morning in order to catch the real essence of Camden Town. And, capturing the frenzied pace of life that unfolds at this place during the day could be fun as well, but this requires the photographers to be professionally trained.

Brick Lane

Brick Lane is a great spot in London for photography. This place has undergone a lot of transformation in the recent years, and the whole imagery is perfectly appealing to the eyes. Moreover, people here are friendly and never mind when they are asked to be photographed. In fact, the place is the ideal spot to locate some of the most intriguing characters in London. Besides, the whole setting is mesmerizing anyways. So, street photographers simply love to visit this spot.

South Bank Centre

South Bank Centre is characterized by its conspicuous brutalist architecture. The place is always loved by photographers as they like the geometric compositions that are created by the shade and light coming from many tunnels and wells there. Moreover, the place is really attractive on sunny days as the shadows get accentuated then. So, the place offers unique photography experience.

Regent Street

Regent Street is one of those rarest streets in the west of London that is suitable for photography. There is a gorgeous light here, especially in winters, which offers great atmosphere for photography. The long shadows that get cast on pavements here are really inspiring for street photography lovers who are looking for amazing black and white photography experience.

Tate Modern

Tate Modern is one of those rare museums in London that are suitable for photography. Photographers are invariably amazed to see the dazzling array of opportunities here. So, this museum is worth exploring for clicking some unforgettable pictures.


Shoreditch is an unmistakable spot in East London which is characterized by its attractive street art and graffiti. The street art provides perfect backdrop for photography.


Barbican is another great location for street photographers who are looking to capture the essence of brutalist architecture. The place offers countless opportunities for photography.

Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus is a great location to visit for photography lovers as they get countless opportunities to capture the essence of some of the most iconic tourist spots here.

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