Uncovering Great Things To Do In London Along With Kids

Kid Seeing The London

London is a scintillating tourist location that has always appealed the visitors from all parts of the globe. And, the same applies to younger visitors, as the place is full of amazing spots that are suitable for teenagers and toddlers. So, following are the places in London that families could visit along with their kids.

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum gives kids a chance to see skeletons of popular dinosaurs. In fact, one is greeted with ‘Dippy- the Diplodocus’’ skeleton right at the entrance of the museum. Besides, there are whopping 35 galleries providing unlimited entertainment to visitors. There is a dazzling array of interactive exhibits, and an unmistakable model of gigantic blue whale. Moreover, there are temporary exhibitions like ‘Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition’ that are loved by children.

Science Museum

Science Museum is a perfect place to visit along with kids, as the experience of visiting the spot is simply unsurpassed. Children get a great insight into various groundbreaking discoveries including the ones related to space exploration, information technology, etc. Besides, the experience of watching science movies at 3D IMAX screens is simply stunning. Moreover, for kids up to 8 years, there is an expansive interactive area which they could explore at their own.

British Museum

The best part about visiting British Museum is that it has a whopping eight million permanent exhibits. So, all the visitors are invariably entranced by the number of collections here. The most popular among these is the Egyptian Mummy exhibits that throw a great deal of light onto the mysterious mummies. Moreover, there are guided tours available for tourists as well.

London Transport Museum

London Transport Museum provides a chance to kids to know a great deal about the rich history of evolution of transport in London. A visit to the museum greatly enhances the knowledge of the tourists.

Queen Elizabeth Park

Queen Elizabeth Park is a new addition, as the park came up around the venue for 2012 Olympic Village. There are some spectacular playgrounds, vast amount of green space, and other appealing attractions like London Aquatics Center.

London Zoo

London Zoo enjoys the distinction of being the oldest scientific zoo in the world. It came up in 1828, and now has a whopping 18430 animals. The compelling features of the zoo include the availability of immersive exhibits, live shows, and spectacular viewing platforms. Children love to explore areas where they could touch the butterflies, and other rainforest animals, as there is no barrier between humans and animals in these areas. Moreover, the zoo also offers other unforgettable experience, like the option of becoming a keeper, the option that really appeals and attracts the kids in particular.

The London Aquarium

The London Aquarium is located in the vicinity of London Eye on South Bank. There are some beautiful and appealing multi-storey tanks that have great aquatic animals. For instance, one could get a peek into the sharks that could be seen circling the ceiling. Besides, there are some intriguing buried tunnels that take one to giant sea turtles which could be seen floating above one’s head.

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