Uncovering Action Packed Activities To Do In London Along With Kids

Man Posing Travelling With Kids

London is always regarded as a great tourist spot because of the cultural and historical significance of the place. The experience of visiting the majestic buildings and getting a peep into the royal life led by the kings and queens is simply exhilarating. However, the city has a lot to offer to people of all ages. And, the same is the case for kids, as there are plenty of action-packed activities that completely occupy the kids, although, the living costs in London are considered high.


One of the most popular things to do in London for kids is to visit Capital Karts in order to enjoy karting there. The best part is ‘Capital Karts’ has UK’s longest track. So, one could have unlimited fun and enjoyment here.

Cycling Tours

Kids are always looking to something adventurous, and the joy of exploring London on two wheels is simply unsurpassed. Besides, adults too love this activity as they get past the famous iconic attractions in London. Moreover, kids and their parents could always stop at the parks and gardens on the way and take necessary break. So, the tours are win-win for both adults and kids.

The London Dungeon

A visit to The London Dungeon leaves one emboldened. The place offers some thrilling rides, live performances, and special effects highlighting the torturous tales of plague that affected London. So, though one is confronted with the gruesome history of the city, still the visit invariably enhances confidence among kids.

Shrek’s Adventure

Shrek’s Adventure is another popular activity that kids involved in while they are in London. It is a remarkable tour that has all the elements that make the tour memorable. For instance, there are live shows, classic sets, and special effects. Moreover, one meets with Pinocchio, and Shrek, and is given a chance to take unforgettable 4D ride.

Up At The O2

Kids are always overwhelmed by the stunning views they get to see from Up at the O2. Even adults couldn’t help but gape in astonishment at the completely different view they get of the entertainment complex in London. However, kids need to be at least 10 in order to visit this site.

Alexandra Palace Ice Rink

Alexandra Palace Ice Rink is another great spot to take one’s kids, since the rink is suitable for skaters from all age groups. The best part is the availability of ice skating classes. Moreover, kids below eight could have access to scooters, and have unlimited fun here. Adults too love the spot since they could also do some skating. Or, they could head towards the parkland consisting of a skate park and a boat lake, which is located in the vicinity of ice rink.

Go Ape Trent Park

Go Ape Trent Park is the ideal location for adventure loving people who love to explore nature from completely different perspective. There is a dazzling array of tree-top adventures on offer here, which provide visitors breathtaking views of the trees from the top. Moreover, there are some other activities for the kids including Tarzan Swings, zip wires, and high ropes. So, all these features make the park very popular among the kids.

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