Topmost Secret Gardens In London That Are A Delight To Visit

View Of A Beautiful Garden

London is a bustling city that is always teeming with people. They always seem to be in a rush here, and the sound of traffic can be deafening in the Downtown, sometimes. Moreover, there are plenty of entertainment complexes, theatres, and other iconic spots in London that attract a sea of humanity. So, there are some travellers who are from certain idyllic surroundings, and they crave for solace after a while. So, luckily, there are some spots in London that have some amazingly soothing gardens that offer a great respite to tourists. And, even more intriguing fact is that these gardens are located in some of the busiest areas of London. So, here are some beautiful secret gardens in London.

The Rookery In Streatham

The Rookery is a great spot to visit for all those who love to revel in the beauty of nature. One needs to head towards the spectacular hills in Streatham Common in order to reach this park. It is a well-maintained garden with lawned haven. Moreover, there are plenty of pagodas, benches, and a lovely fountain. There is a miniature waterfall as well.

Museum Of Brands Café In Ladbroke Grove

The Museum of Brands Café has a great garden. Though it is spread in a small space, still, there is a dazzling array of flowers here that are a treat to watch. One could also find Kiwis that are grown in plenty here.

SOAS Japanese Roof Garden In Russell Square

Japanese Garden offers a great relief to the tired visitors who are looking to refresh themselves. It is located at SOAS just above Brunei Gallery in Russell Square. There is a gravel section here along with wisteria that is seen hanging above the benches.

The Phoenix Garden In Covent Garden

The Phoenix Garden invariably stuns the visitors with the wide variety of flowers and plants here including daisies, roses, and banana palms. People could also find some frogs hopping here. This garden is solely maintained by public funding, and the fact that it is well-maintained shows how people of London love this spot.

Ravenscourt Park Walled Garden In Hammersmith

Ravenscourt Park Walled Garden is a great find for tourists, as there is greenery everywhere. This spot is also maintained by the help of volunteers.

St. Dunstan In The East

St. Dunstan in The East is located in the vicinity of the river and exactly in between the Tower of London and the Monument. It has a number of benches where visitors could sit and relax themselves, and absorb in the beauty of the garden. The spot is busy during lunch time; however, it is a secluded place during the rest of the time.

Christchurch Greyfriars

Christchurch Greyfriars Church Garden is located in close proximity to Postman’s Park. The church got destroyed during the Second World War; however, the wooden towers here are now decorated with clematis and climbing roses.

St John’s Lodge Gardens In Regent’s Park

St John’s Lodge Gardens in Regent Park has always been a great spot for meditation ever since it came up in 1889. The stonework and sculpture were designed by the great artist Robert Weir Shultz.

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