Exploring Little Known Yet Marvellous Places In London

View Of Danson Park

London has always been a centre of attraction for tourists, as they are always attracted by unlimited iconic spots here that have historic as well as cultural significance. Moreover, London is a bustling metropolis that has all sorts of modern facilities for the people. So, one could enjoy shopping as there are countless malls and shopping markets and streets. Besides, London enjoys a great mix of cultures; so, one could enjoy different traditions and customs followed by people from various ethnic backgrounds.

However, besides the most visible iconic spots in London there are other marvellous places that are little known but also worth exploring.

The Horniman Museum And Gardens In Forest Hill

The Horniman Museum is among the oldest museums of London that has been there since the Victorian time. People are invariably amazed to discover a dazzling array of artefacts here. Besides, there is the aquarium as well. The museum also offers a chance to see spectacular views of the gardens as well as central London.

Ruislip Lido Beach

Ruislip Lido Beach is one of the most mesmerizing places that one could ever visit in the entire world. There is some mysterious charm about this sand beach that always puts the visitors in a trance. The sand beach is spans 60 acres and is a great spot to explore.

Eltham Palace

Eltham Palace is a stunning place with extremely amazing architecture. The interior design of the building is simply marvellous. The building is underrated and unassuming, but it is certainly a must-to-visit for people who are fond of the medieval architecture.

Epping Forest

Epping Forest is a wide expanse of natural beauty that makes up for a great day trip for people. There are a number of historical landmarks here. A meagre walk through the forest is completely refreshing and invigorating.

Petersham Nurseries

Petersham Nurseries is an ideal spot to regain the lost vigour. The hectic life of people takes a toll on their life. So, one could always explore the gardens and nurseries here. Besides, there is a dazzling array of options for menu at lunch here.

Danson Park

Danson Park is another refreshing spot spanning 150 acres of area. It has a number of fountains and landscapes, and is a perfectly ideal spot for enjoying picnic along with one’s friends and family members.

London Wetland Centre

London Wetland Centre provides visitors a chance to escape the frenzied life that they have been leading. The charity trust here is working tirelessly in order to conserve the wildlife. So, there are a number of animals as well as plants here.

Syon Park

Syon Park is an old park that has been there since the 16th century. It was a favourite spot of Queen Victoria. It is a must see park that has vibrant gardens and amazing architectural design.

Highgate Cemetery

The peculiar thing associated with the place is not only the eerie nature of the cemetery and the stories of apparition associated with it but also the magnificent design of the building. There are some beautiful landscapes that never fail to exhilarate the visitors.

Uncovering Amazingly Peaceful Places In London

View Of Hampton Court

London is a bustling metropolis, and people have a frenzied pace of life here. There are countless nightclubs, vibrant atmosphere, and countless markets and entertainment complexes that never fail to attract the people. However, there is a peaceful side of London as well that invariably calms the people. There are places that provide visitors a chance to commune with nature and explore the natural settings without any distractions from the outside. Here are some amazingly peaceful spots in London that are worth exploring.

Barge Walk In Hampton Court

Barge Walk in Hampton Court is flanked with trees, and gives visitors a chance to see some beautiful swans on their way, along with the beautiful walls that are completely covered with vines. The spot is utterly peaceful and tourists love to explore this area. A number of tourists pitch their tents near Seething Wells, as it is an elevated area located exactly in the middle of the trail.

Queen Charlotte’s Cottage In Kew

Queen Charlotte’s Cottage is located in secluded Kew Gardens. The cottage was built in the 18th century, and served the purpose of being royal family’s country retreat. It is a great rustic cottage that is perfect for communing with nature as it makes up for an ideal tranquil spot for people. There are some exotic flowers here and the whole cottage blossoms with flowers during the springtime. People are invariably astonished to see a great variety of bluebells here.

Eel Pie Island In Twickenham

Eel Pie Island in Twickenham is a pathway to nature as the place enjoys the ultimate tranquil setting. No bikes or dogs or cars are allowed here; so, one could imagine how strict the authorities are when it comes to maintaining the serenity of the place. The island could be easily reached via a footbridge. Besides, Eel Pie artists display a lot of creative exhibits for people two times in a year; so, one could also enhance their aesthetic capabilities besides enjoying the natural setting here.

London Wetlands Center In Barnes

London Wetland Center is a remarkably peaceful spot located in the vicinity of Hammersmith Bridge. People love to walk by the river and enjoy the aromatic smell wafting from Alder trees lined up on the other side. Besides the visitors, birds too love to enjoy great beauty of the lakes, marshland, gardens, and meadows. Kids are invariably excited to locate dragonflies and frogs during the spring.

Daunt Books In Marylebone

Daunt Books is among London’s most charming bookshops that cast a spell on the visitors as soon as they step into the oak-panelled balconies and galleries. There are incredibly long bookshelves that have countless books on various subjects. People could spend hours here exploring great masterpieces by famous authors in a perfectly peaceful setting. Even kids seem to forget their mischief here as they could be seen reading innocently.

Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath is a popular destination for tourists who are looking for a break from their hectic pace of life. They enjoy stunning views of the surrounding from ‘The Pergola and Hill Garden.’ Besides, there are other tranquil spots as Kenwood House, Parliament Hill, and Hampstead Heath Extension, to name a few.

Uncovering Action Packed Activities To Do In London Along With Kids

Man Posing Travelling With Kids

London is always regarded as a great tourist spot because of the cultural and historical significance of the place. The experience of visiting the majestic buildings and getting a peep into the royal life led by the kings and queens is simply exhilarating. However, the city has a lot to offer to people of all ages. And, the same is the case for kids, as there are plenty of action-packed activities that completely occupy the kids, although, the living costs in London are considered high.


One of the most popular things to do in London for kids is to visit Capital Karts in order to enjoy karting there. The best part is ‘Capital Karts’ has UK’s longest track. So, one could have unlimited fun and enjoyment here.

Cycling Tours

Kids are always looking to something adventurous, and the joy of exploring London on two wheels is simply unsurpassed. Besides, adults too love this activity as they get past the famous iconic attractions in London. Moreover, kids and their parents could always stop at the parks and gardens on the way and take necessary break. So, the tours are win-win for both adults and kids.

The London Dungeon

A visit to The London Dungeon leaves one emboldened. The place offers some thrilling rides, live performances, and special effects highlighting the torturous tales of plague that affected London. So, though one is confronted with the gruesome history of the city, still the visit invariably enhances confidence among kids.

Shrek’s Adventure

Shrek’s Adventure is another popular activity that kids involved in while they are in London. It is a remarkable tour that has all the elements that make the tour memorable. For instance, there are live shows, classic sets, and special effects. Moreover, one meets with Pinocchio, and Shrek, and is given a chance to take unforgettable 4D ride.

Up At The O2

Kids are always overwhelmed by the stunning views they get to see from Up at the O2. Even adults couldn’t help but gape in astonishment at the completely different view they get of the entertainment complex in London. However, kids need to be at least 10 in order to visit this site.

Alexandra Palace Ice Rink

Alexandra Palace Ice Rink is another great spot to take one’s kids, since the rink is suitable for skaters from all age groups. The best part is the availability of ice skating classes. Moreover, kids below eight could have access to scooters, and have unlimited fun here. Adults too love the spot since they could also do some skating. Or, they could head towards the parkland consisting of a skate park and a boat lake, which is located in the vicinity of ice rink.

Go Ape Trent Park

Go Ape Trent Park is the ideal location for adventure loving people who love to explore nature from completely different perspective. There is a dazzling array of tree-top adventures on offer here, which provide visitors breathtaking views of the trees from the top. Moreover, there are some other activities for the kids including Tarzan Swings, zip wires, and high ropes. So, all these features make the park very popular among the kids.

London’s Greatest Natural Attractions Offering Respite From City Life

View Of Natural Beauty

London has always been regarded as that glittering destination that has a dazzling array of scintillating locations of historical and cultural interest. Tourists are invariably amazed by the rich history of London and the royalty that they come across here. The palatial princely palaces and estates, and the great architectural monuments always mesmerize the tourists. However, for the ones who are looking for a break from that city life, there is an equally appealing number of natural attractions here. So, there is no dearth of such great spots that offer a respite from that frenzied pace of city life. Here are some of these destinations that tourists could explore when they are in London.

WWT London Wetland Centre

WWT London Wetland Centre was voted as the most favourite natural reserve in Britain by people. Truly the place is a truly amazing destination for people, and the best part is its location. The reserve is located right at the centre of the city, and spans 100 acres of area. The atmosphere is completely mesmerizing and tourists are invariably stunned by a great variety of insects, birds, amphibians, and array of wild animals that they come across here. The experience of walking through the impressive lakes, gardens, and meadows is simply surreal.

Epping Forest

Epping Forest spans 19 kilometres of area in the north-south direction, and is among special areas that are meant for conservation. Moreover, the fact that it is an area of special interest attracts a sea of humanity to the forest. And, they are never disappointed by visiting the spot as there are a number of activities to do here including mountain-biking, horse riding, walking, orienteering, and running, to name a few.

River Thames

River Thames has always been the embodiment of London’s rich economy, culture, and history. Moreover, it enjoys the distinction of being London’s longest river. So, it virtually passes through all the popular tourist attractions in London. So, one could always opt for taking a cruise in order to take a look at the popular architectural sites in London.

Green Park

Green Park is one of those rare areas in London that doesn’t have any manmade buildings. So, one could enjoy the natural atmosphere here and enjoy various activities like walking, jogging, etc. The best part is that Green Park is located right in the heart of the crowded city.

Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens is linked with other great parks in London including St. James’s Park, Hyde Park, and Green Park. There are a number of tourist attractions here including The Albert Memorial, the Serpentine Gallery, Speke’s Monument, Diana’s Memorial Playground, and Peter Pan’s Statue, to name a few. Moreover, there is the Elfin Oak tree which is 900 years old. So, visitors could always enjoy the natural beauty of the place besides enjoying the vibrant atmosphere and great architectural buildings.

The Regent’s Garden

Regent’s Garden is one of the most cherished locations in London which is in the vicinity of other great attractions including Regent’s University London, London Zoo, London Central Mosque, and Open Air Theatre, to name a few. The park offers a soothing atmosphere and an array of recreational activities.

Unearthing Great Spots For Shopping In London

Woman Posing Looking At Shoes

London has always enchanted tourists with its great legacy and rich cultural heritage. Moreover, tourists are given a pleasant surprise when they are able to shop a great variety of products here. The markets at London are inarguably among the best markets in the world. The spots such as Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, Fortnum, etc. not only offer great shopping experience but are also great sightseeing attractions as well. Tourists simply love to explore these sights. And then, there is a whole range of side-street boutiques, massive shopping centres, and lively markets that make the experience of shopping completely unforgettable. Here are some of the spots in London that offer unsurpassed shopping experience.

Covent Garden

Covent Garden is a great spot to visit for tourists who are looking for latest fashion. The atmosphere at Neal Street and Long Acre is always pulsating with energy. Tourists are amazed to see a great variety of quality products here.

Oxford Street

Oxford Street is a natural choice to shop for most of the travellers because there are a number of chain stores here. Further, the place is always teeming with people, making it a great place to visit and experience the true essence of London. There is a great variety of gift shops as well as souvenir shops here. Tourists are invariably satisfied by visiting the great names as Urban Outfitters, Zaras, and H&Ms. to name a few.

Camden Street

Camden Street is another hot spot to visit that is always packed with people. There is a great vibe emanating from this place, as people are busy exploring the great range and variety of products at countless shops. There is something for people from all walks of life. Tourists could visit the place on weekdays too if they like a quieter atmosphere; however, exploring the place on weekends is great fun as well.

High Street Kensington

A great thing about High Street in Kensington is that it is less crowded. Tourists could stroll through this comparatively peaceful place and yet come across some quality products, including antiques that are found along Church Street. Moreover, there are some trendy stores as well including Urban outfitters, and Miss Sixty.

King’s Road

King’s Road is for tourists and locals looking for some great household goods. Moreover, there are a number of products for children as well. So, one could visit such great names as Habitat, Designer’s Guild, Heal’s, and Trotters, in order to get some great quality products.


Illuminated Harrods Building is an unmistakable spot in Knightsbridge drawing flock of crowds naturally, who are always attracted by the charm of this national institution. Tourists love to explore the ‘Egyptian Elevator’ here, besides eating great food. There are a great variety of shops catering to the latest fashion.

Marylebone High Street

Marylebone High Street has always had a hypnotic effect on the visitors, who are invariably put in a state of trance after entering this elegant, quaint, and serene street, offering great experience to tourists. Moreover, there are a number of homeware stores including Cath Kidston. Tourists love to eat great variety of food here, and Ginger Pig is one of the most popular spots in London.

Exploring Top Class Museum Cafes In London

Woman Posing Enjoying Her Time In Café

London has always been a popular tourist spot. People are always intrigued to discover more about this great cultural place. There is a great history of the place which attracts people from all over the world. They are always curious to learn about the great historical and iconic spots in London. And, there is a dazzling array of museums in London which showcase the rich history of London. They aptly reflect the great cultural heritage of London. However, the appealing part is that there is a great range of museums that have their own cafes as well that serve great food and drinks to visitors, and thus help in reducing their stress and exhaustion. Here is a list of the top class museum cafes in London.

The V&A Café

V&A is among the greatest museums in the world that boasts of great art pieces reflecting great history not only of London but of various places of the world. It earned the distinction of having first ever museum restaurant, when they opened one back in 1860. People were firstly cynical about the concept of museum café, but tourists appreciated the move as they could sit and relax after a tiring day. Moreover, art lovers particularly liked the idea of getting refreshed after watching their favourite artefacts. Besides the café, there are three massive refreshment rooms as well that are connected with each other. These three rooms are named Poytner, Morris, and Gamble after their designers. They basically reflect the altering taste of people and the royalty in the Victorian era.

People love to come and eat in the café that serves compelling food from sandwiches, to salads, to hot food. The best winter delicacies include butter bean, hake fillet, and chorizo stew, to name a few.

The Charles Dickens Museum Garden Café

Literary people love the idea of visiting the museum, as they get a chance to witness the place where the writer used to live. The museum got a facelift in 2012 after it received a grant from Heritage Lottery Fund. So, this renovation led to the emergence of this cosy café along with the walled garden.

Great Court Restaurant In British Museum

Just like the artefacts in the British Museum the food in Great Court Restaurant comes with a wide variety as well. There are four cafes, two food trucks, and a beautiful restaurant. The whole atmosphere is thoroughly rejuvenating.

The Energy Café In Science Museum

The Energy Café provides visitors a much-needed break after they are stunned by the scientific and technological advancements that have completely revolutionized our lives. It is actually a self-service spot, but the variety of food ensures a great rush of tourists here. Apart from this café, there are two more cafes including Media Space Café and Deep Blue Café. And, the latter one is the best place to visit for people looking for some great gluten-free options.

Wellcome Collection

Wellcome Collection boasts of providing a unique experience to the visitors, and the restaurant too is designed in such a manner. So, Wellcome Café is, as expected, a causal space. Moreover, people in the Reading Room could always go to the adjacent construction, which is the Wellcome Kitchen, which offers a dazzling array of options including late night menu that is offered on Thursday evenings.

Unearthing Top 3 Biggest Museums In London That Are A Must To Visit

People Are Enjoying At British Museum

London is a city that has a magnetic charm that attracts people from all over the world. People are always fascinated to see iconic structures here, and explore the city by famed walking tours. They are always enchanted to discover the rich cultural heritage of the city. The stories of kings and queens who ruled over England never fail to mesmerize the tourists. The same is the case with museums in London, since there is a dazzling array of museums in London. So much so, that the tourists are always spoilt for choice. However, here are the three biggest, and probably the best of all the museums in London.

British Museum

The British Museums spreads in colossal 18.5 acres of area. It enjoys the distinction of being the largest museum in London. Furthermore, the museum is the most visited museum as well, since it hosts whopping seven million visitors every year. People are always crazy to get a glimpse of the famed Rosetta stone here.

Moreover, there are incredible eight million pieces of art here. However, people have access to just 1% of the artefacts here. So, people are fortunate to see the pieces that they like at the time of their visit. Moreover, it takes considerable amount of time for the tourists to watch this 1% of the artefacts on display.

Victorian And Albert Museum

Victorian and Albert Museum is also a massive museum which has the largest number of objects on permanent display, even more than the ones in British Museum, which displays 80,000 objects at one time. The museum has around 4.5 million objects actually. So, it is incredible how authorities manage to display such whopping pieces of artwork here in space which is less than the one in British Museum. Moreover, tourists are always crazy to enter Museum of Childhood here, since it has largest proportion of the total artefacts on display in the museum. So, the place is a delight to visit, since people could really enthral themselves with the great pieces of contemporary as well as historical pieces of art. Though, the museum does suffer from space constraint, still, the number of artefacts that it has to display can never be said to be ‘low’ in any case.

National Gallery

National Gallery is a great place to visit for art lovers, since can relish the pleasure of watching each piece of artwork in minute detail. This is because there is ample space for each and every artwork here. The gallery spreads in whopping 46,396 meter area, but it only has 2300 exhibits to display to the public. In a way, this is positive since there is more space for each and every exhibit. Tourists are always enchanted by the ‘Secret Room’ here that has around 800 paintings. So, obviously, this room is the first choice of art lovers here. This is the reason why this place is frequently visited by visitors from all over the world.

So, tourists could always choose to visit any one of these three great museums in London according to their taste.

Exploring Thoroughly Refreshing Walking Tours In London

View Of London Night Time

London is a great place that always has something for people from all walks of life. Not only this, it caters to the varied interest of people as well. The best part is that there are a number of spots here that mesmerize the visitors. Moreover, there are a number of ways of exploring this city. One could embark upon guided walking tours as well, which are sure to give tourists a chance to get the real essence of the city. Here are some of the walking tours in London that are sure to exhilarate the tourists.

The Original London Ghost Walk

The Original London Ghost Walk has been there since 1982. Tourists are always attracted to these tours since they give them a chance to explore the scariest places in London. Moreover, one gets a chance to visit Richard Jones, who is an experienced tour guide and a great writer who has been writing about ghosts in Ireland and Great Britain for over three decades now. Tourists are always entertained by the scary stories told by Jones. The tour is certainly liked by tourists since they are taken to the tour at night time.

Brit Movie Tours

Television and Film lovers should never miss the Brit Movie Tours, which give them a chance to witness amazing shooting locations in London. Apart from this, there is ‘The London Film Locations Walk’ which is also called ‘London Movie Locations Tour’ which also takes one to the great shooting locations in London. One could also see specific movies and shows like  Downtown Abbey, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and James Bond, to name a few. Some tours also target Romantic Comedies like Paddington, Notting Hill, and The Da Vinci Code, to name a few.

London Liars’ Tours

Tourists are always intrigued to embark upon these tours. They are basically taken around the town and told some interesting facts about the city. These facts are quite improbable at times, and it is up to the tourists to discern the actual fact. Moreover, in order to make the things even more interesting one is taken to such tours by two tour guides; while one of them tells the tourists the truth, there are others who tell fabricated stories, and it is up to the tourists to decide who is telling the truth. Moreover, tour guides also offer some exciting offers to tourists for guessing the correct things.

Walk Eat Talk Eat

There are a number of walking tours that take one to the foods that are prepared here. And, among them is the Walk Eat Talk Eat Tour that gives tourists a chance to taste the culinary delights of London. One could not even locate some of the traditional dishes of London but could locate a dazzling array of dishes from all the modern cuisines all over the world. Moreover, there are gin tours as well that are organised for tourists.

London Walks

London Walks is an unmistakable name in London, and the tour guides are quite expert at taking tourists through a number of great locations. They either focus upon historical locations, or take tourists through natural parks as well.

Unravelling Intriguing Things That Happened To London

Beautiful View Of London

London is an old and historic place that has witnessed a number of significant events. However, there have also been some intriguing events that form the history of London. So, there is something mysterious about the place that gives London an eerie appearance. People are always captivated by this strange turn of events; so, here are some peculiar events that London witnessed.

The Flying Castle Incident

Dreamspace V, an inflatable structure, was dexterously designed by creative artist Maurice Agis. He planned the structure in such a manner that it was to bounce a bit and give exhilarating experience to the visitors, as they would acknowledge the beauty of the structure along with witnessing great pieces of artwork that were installed adjacent to this bouncy structure. However, quite strangely, without any warning the structure got untethered and soared into the air, taking all the people inside to a height of 50 ft. This incident resulted in two deaths, while 13 people were injured because of this fatal accident.

Birds Overpowering Big Ben

Big Ben is an unmistakable spot in London and everyone is invariably fascinated by this gigantic four-sided clock. Moreover, apart from its architectural design and beauty, people rely on it for getting accurate time. However, Big Ben got overpowered by a bunch of birds in 1945 who sat on the minute hand together and managed to turn back time by five minutes, and in turn, pushed the city back by five minutes as well.

Strange Case Of Walkie-Talkie Building

Some architectural designs are a delight to watch; while, some of them provide eerie and uncanny feeling to the people. The design of Walkie-Talkie building is such, since many people have been a victim of its strange design. To begin with, the building is made of strong glass material that reflects the sunbeam in such a manner that it manages to reflect strongly at one point, thereby melting the things on which the rays converge. This was seen when a Jaguar parked nearby got completely melted. And then, people started reporting how their bicycles seats, shoes, etc. were getting scorched. Apart from this flaw, the shape of the building is such that it creates a number of downdraughts whereby strong winds strike the people with mighty force and knock them over.

Scary Incident Of Pollution Killing Thousands Of People

We always receive a number of warnings regarding the damage we are causing to the environment; and, there is no one in London who won’t pay attention to such warnings, especially after the 1952 incident. People in London witnessed a bizarre phenomenon back then as the whole city got engulfed in a smogstorm, wherein there was a blanket of coal smoke, cold weather, and windless conditions all over the city. Unfortunately, this storm managed to invade into the homes of Londoners, thereby choking around 4000 people to death. Not only this, it affected more than .1 million people at that time!

Chilling Incident Of Skeleton Watching TV

Strange incidents happen everywhere, and one such bizarre and eccentric incident happened in 2006, when Housing Association broke into a house because the occupant hadn’t been paying her rent regularly. However, they were frozen to locate a skeleton sitting on the sofa and watching TV, which had apparently been turned on for the past 3 years.

London’s Finest Italian Restaurants Serving Incredibly Authentic Italian Dishes

View Of Italian Dishes

London is home to people from various nationalities. This has led to the emergence of multicultural society here. There are plenty of benefits of this society, since one gets to learn about various exotic cultures, traditions, etc, and more importantly, one could taste some extremely delicious dishes from various cuisines all around the world. The situation is the same with Italian dishes, as London is fortunate to have a dazzling array of restaurateurs who are putting in their best efforts to provide amazingly appetizing and really authentic Italian dishes to the people here, be it pasta, pizza, strong cheeses, or cured meats. Moreover, there are some restaurants which are simply unsurpassed. So, here is a list of such excellent Italian restaurants in London that offer incredibly unforgettable dining experience.

Enoteca Turi

Enoteca Turi in Belgravia is an unmistakable spot that has earned the distinction of serving flawlessly prepared authentic Italian dishes. One gets to taste such culinary delights here as fried courgette flowers that are smothered with basil mint pesto and mozzarella, and then there is pappardelle that is served along with lamb ragu.

Il Cudega

Il Cudega in London Fields is a perfect example of how crowd-funding campaigns could help in accomplishment of great endeavours. The restaurant runs with such a campaign, and accordingly, it contributes 10% of its profits to the local charities here. The food served here is amazingly refreshing and appetizing as well. This is the reason why the restaurant enjoys a roaring popularity among Londoners.


Padella in South Bank is decidedly the best spot in London to get really mesmerizing pasta, a dish that is incredibly fresh, perfectly prepared, and has a perfect blend of ingredients.


Lardo in Hackney is a popular spot for savouring Italian dishes, along with veggie plates, outstanding pizzas, and hearty fish portions. Moreover, there is a dazzling array of cocktail options as well.


Vinoteca in King’s Cross came up with the help of three friends a decade back. It is a perfect spot for enjoying a thoroughly refreshing Italian meal with dishes including grilled figs served along with buffalo mozzarella, pumpkin seeds, and honey, roast aubergine that is served along with mint, warm chickpea salad, and lime dressing.

Bocca Di Lupo

Bocca Di Lupo serves inarguably serves the best house-made dishes that are prepared with utmost care and love. One feels overpowered by the taste of the dishes. The pick of the lot is super-refreshing and thoroughly rejuvenating radish salad that is prepared from truffle, pecorino, and pomegranate seeds.


Polpo is a huge hit among the people as people are always queued up to enter into the vibrant environment of the restaurant with exposed light bulbs, tattooed staff, and alternative soundtracks. The dishes here are simple yet highly sumptuous and appetizing including pizzette bianco, mushroom piadina, and fritto misto, to name but a few. Its popularity can also be gauged from the fact that it now has six locations all over London.


Trullo in picturesque area of Highbury offers an enhanced dining experience to people. The dishes here are flawlessly prepared and exhibit creativity and expertise of the chefs. The menu changes frequently. Some of the dishes include amazingly fresh pasta, grilled meat, and superbly prepared and mouth-watering house-made desserts.