Uncovering Amazingly Peaceful Places In London

View Of Hampton Court

London is a bustling metropolis, and people have a frenzied pace of life here. There are countless nightclubs, vibrant atmosphere, and countless markets and entertainment complexes that never fail to attract the people. However, there is a peaceful side of London as well that invariably calms the people. There are places that provide visitors a chance to commune with nature and explore the natural settings without any distractions from the outside. Here are some amazingly peaceful spots in London that are worth exploring.

Barge Walk In Hampton Court

Barge Walk in Hampton Court is flanked with trees, and gives visitors a chance to see some beautiful swans on their way, along with the beautiful walls that are completely covered with vines. The spot is utterly peaceful and tourists love to explore this area. A number of tourists pitch their tents near Seething Wells, as it is an elevated area located exactly in the middle of the trail.

Queen Charlotte’s Cottage In Kew

Queen Charlotte’s Cottage is located in secluded Kew Gardens. The cottage was built in the 18th century, and served the purpose of being royal family’s country retreat. It is a great rustic cottage that is perfect for communing with nature as it makes up for an ideal tranquil spot for people. There are some exotic flowers here and the whole cottage blossoms with flowers during the springtime. People are invariably astonished to see a great variety of bluebells here.

Eel Pie Island In Twickenham

Eel Pie Island in Twickenham is a pathway to nature as the place enjoys the ultimate tranquil setting. No bikes or dogs or cars are allowed here; so, one could imagine how strict the authorities are when it comes to maintaining the serenity of the place. The island could be easily reached via a footbridge. Besides, Eel Pie artists display a lot of creative exhibits for people two times in a year; so, one could also enhance their aesthetic capabilities besides enjoying the natural setting here.

London Wetlands Center In Barnes

London Wetland Center is a remarkably peaceful spot located in the vicinity of Hammersmith Bridge. People love to walk by the river and enjoy the aromatic smell wafting from Alder trees lined up on the other side. Besides the visitors, birds too love to enjoy great beauty of the lakes, marshland, gardens, and meadows. Kids are invariably excited to locate dragonflies and frogs during the spring.

Daunt Books In Marylebone

Daunt Books is among London’s most charming bookshops that cast a spell on the visitors as soon as they step into the oak-panelled balconies and galleries. There are incredibly long bookshelves that have countless books on various subjects. People could spend hours here exploring great masterpieces by famous authors in a perfectly peaceful setting. Even kids seem to forget their mischief here as they could be seen reading innocently.

Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath is a popular destination for tourists who are looking for a break from their hectic pace of life. They enjoy stunning views of the surrounding from ‘The Pergola and Hill Garden.’ Besides, there are other tranquil spots as Kenwood House, Parliament Hill, and Hampstead Heath Extension, to name a few.