Exploring Little Known Yet Marvellous Places In London

View Of Danson Park

London has always been a centre of attraction for tourists, as they are always attracted by unlimited iconic spots here that have historic as well as cultural significance. Moreover, London is a bustling metropolis that has all sorts of modern facilities for the people. So, one could enjoy shopping as there are countless malls and shopping markets and streets. Besides, London enjoys a great mix of cultures; so, one could enjoy different traditions and customs followed by people from various ethnic backgrounds.

However, besides the most visible iconic spots in London there are other marvellous places that are little known but also worth exploring.

The Horniman Museum And Gardens In Forest Hill

The Horniman Museum is among the oldest museums of London that has been there since the Victorian time. People are invariably amazed to discover a dazzling array of artefacts here. Besides, there is the aquarium as well. The museum also offers a chance to see spectacular views of the gardens as well as central London.

Ruislip Lido Beach

Ruislip Lido Beach is one of the most mesmerizing places that one could ever visit in the entire world. There is some mysterious charm about this sand beach that always puts the visitors in a trance. The sand beach is spans 60 acres and is a great spot to explore.

Eltham Palace

Eltham Palace is a stunning place with extremely amazing architecture. The interior design of the building is simply marvellous. The building is underrated and unassuming, but it is certainly a must-to-visit for people who are fond of the medieval architecture.

Epping Forest

Epping Forest is a wide expanse of natural beauty that makes up for a great day trip for people. There are a number of historical landmarks here. A meagre walk through the forest is completely refreshing and invigorating.

Petersham Nurseries

Petersham Nurseries is an ideal spot to regain the lost vigour. The hectic life of people takes a toll on their life. So, one could always explore the gardens and nurseries here. Besides, there is a dazzling array of options for menu at lunch here.

Danson Park

Danson Park is another refreshing spot spanning 150 acres of area. It has a number of fountains and landscapes, and is a perfectly ideal spot for enjoying picnic along with one’s friends and family members.

London Wetland Centre

London Wetland Centre provides visitors a chance to escape the frenzied life that they have been leading. The charity trust here is working tirelessly in order to conserve the wildlife. So, there are a number of animals as well as plants here.

Syon Park

Syon Park is an old park that has been there since the 16th century. It was a favourite spot of Queen Victoria. It is a must see park that has vibrant gardens and amazing architectural design.

Highgate Cemetery

The peculiar thing associated with the place is not only the eerie nature of the cemetery and the stories of apparition associated with it but also the magnificent design of the building. There are some beautiful landscapes that never fail to exhilarate the visitors.