London’s Topmost Shopping Spots Catering To Varied Demands Of Tourists

Picture Of Oxford Street

London is a great tourist spot as it has a dazzling array of things to offer to the tourists. Apart from great nightclubs, iconic spots, mesmerizing architectural sites, and excellent hotels and restaurants, there is a great variety of shopping spots here that are a delight to visit. Tourists are invariably stunned by the variety of shopping they can do here including luxury goods, which they cherish throughout their lives. So, here is a list of some of the topmost shopping spots in London that offer unforgettable experience to the tourists visiting London from various parts of the world.

Oxford Street

Visit to London is certainly incomplete if one fails to visit the bustling Oxford Street with around 300 shops, landmark stores, and designer outlets. The experience of shopping here is simply unsurpassed. Tourists could always find something of their interest here at John Lewis or Debenhams. Moreover, fashion lovers could always find the latest things in vogue at Topshop located in Oxford Circus. Not only this, even the shops in the side streets here have excellent quality products. So, visit to Berwick Street and St. Christopher’s Place too could be really memorable for the tourists.

Regent Street

Regent Street enjoys the distinction of having London’s oldest as well as most popular shops including Liberty, Hamleys, and The Apple Store, to name a few. Tourists are always impressed by the vibrant atmosphere here. The street itself is ornate and elegant, which is the reason why it is always the first choice of elite class.

Jermyn Street

Jermyn Street is another great location to visit for shopping. It represents the true British essence, especially when it comes to men’s wear. There are such shops as Benson & Clegg which present excellent quality clothes to visitors.

Bond Street & Mayfair

Visit to Bond Street and Mayfair could be really exciting. There is a vast array of designer clothes here that invariably tempt the visitors. In fact, this area is the most loved area of celebrities as they are frequently spotted here. Tourists could always visit the spot not only to visit their favourite stars but also to shop in some of the remarkably renowned stores as Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and Tiffany and Co., to name a few.


Westfield is a perfect spot to visit that has everything that a person is looking for. First off, it has London’s two main shopping centres, Stratford and White City. Moreover, people looking to buy branded items could always find such names here as Louis Vuitton, All Saints, Jimmy Choo, and Ted Baker to name a few. Besides this, there is a gym, a cinema, as well as several restaurants and bars. Besides all this, there is the Westfield Stratford City which has whopping 70 places, devoted solely to dining!

Carnaby Street

Carnaby Street is an unmistakable spot located in the heart of London. Basically, the area Carnaby comprises of 13 streets which are located in between Regent Street and Oxford Street. It is a paradise for shoppers since they are able to choose items from 150 brands. Besides this, there is a great number of independent bars and restaurants as well.

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