Exploring Top Class Museum Cafes In London

Woman Posing Enjoying Her Time In Café

London has always been a popular tourist spot. People are always intrigued to discover more about this great cultural place. There is a great history of the place which attracts people from all over the world. They are always curious to learn about the great historical and iconic spots in London. And, there is a dazzling array of museums in London which showcase the rich history of London. They aptly reflect the great cultural heritage of London. However, the appealing part is that there is a great range of museums that have their own cafes as well that serve great food and drinks to visitors, and thus help in reducing their stress and exhaustion. Here is a list of the top class museum cafes in London.

The V&A Café

V&A is among the greatest museums in the world that boasts of great art pieces reflecting great history not only of London but of various places of the world. It earned the distinction of having first ever museum restaurant, when they opened one back in 1860. People were firstly cynical about the concept of museum café, but tourists appreciated the move as they could sit and relax after a tiring day. Moreover, art lovers particularly liked the idea of getting refreshed after watching their favourite artefacts. Besides the café, there are three massive refreshment rooms as well that are connected with each other. These three rooms are named Poytner, Morris, and Gamble after their designers. They basically reflect the altering taste of people and the royalty in the Victorian era.

People love to come and eat in the café that serves compelling food from sandwiches, to salads, to hot food. The best winter delicacies include butter bean, hake fillet, and chorizo stew, to name a few.

The Charles Dickens Museum Garden Café

Literary people love the idea of visiting the museum, as they get a chance to witness the place where the writer used to live. The museum got a facelift in 2012 after it received a grant from Heritage Lottery Fund. So, this renovation led to the emergence of this cosy café along with the walled garden.

Great Court Restaurant In British Museum

Just like the artefacts in the British Museum the food in Great Court Restaurant comes with a wide variety as well. There are four cafes, two food trucks, and a beautiful restaurant. The whole atmosphere is thoroughly rejuvenating.

The Energy Café In Science Museum

The Energy Café provides visitors a much-needed break after they are stunned by the scientific and technological advancements that have completely revolutionized our lives. It is actually a self-service spot, but the variety of food ensures a great rush of tourists here. Apart from this café, there are two more cafes including Media Space Café and Deep Blue Café. And, the latter one is the best place to visit for people looking for some great gluten-free options.

Wellcome Collection

Wellcome Collection boasts of providing a unique experience to the visitors, and the restaurant too is designed in such a manner. So, Wellcome Café is, as expected, a causal space. Moreover, people in the Reading Room could always go to the adjacent construction, which is the Wellcome Kitchen, which offers a dazzling array of options including late night menu that is offered on Thursday evenings.

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