OROGOLD Store Review, London, UK

OROGOLD Cosmetics has been showered with positive reviews for our various stores in London as well as our products not just by experts from the skin care and fashion industry, but also by our regular customers. This section has been entirely dedicated to our customers from our customers. It contains user reviews about the OROGOLD experience and allows customers to learn about how OROGOLD works from others just like them. If you feel that you would like to share your opinions or experiences about OROGOLD or its products, please feel free to do so using the comment box at the bottom of this page.

OROGOLD Store in UK - frontview

OROGOLD Cosmetics are widely known in London for their amazing benefits. These cosmetics have the ability to treat the aging effects of the skin successfully. All the OROGOLD stores not only offer a unique range of products and services but exemplary treatment and advice that can help you attain a youthful look. You will not only enjoy the treatments but feel that the type of treatment offered at OROGOLD store is lavish, sophisticated and extremely advantageous for your skin.

The store interiors are classy and spectacular. On the display shelves the amount of OROGOLD products offered are not only qualitative but they offer guaranteed results. The skin experts will be happy to help you with all the relevant information about the product that you would like to know. They will suggest the best cream or moisturizer of OROGOLD that can benefit your skin deeply. The products are valuable to those who want a flawless and glowing skin. The aging affects which has become a common concern among people, can be dealt successfully with the right cream, mask, moisturizer or other cosmetics that are offered at the store.

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Choosing OROGOLD for Your Skin Care 
Skin is sensitive and needs to be treated with care for best results. The OROGOLD staff or beauty experts have in depth knowledge about what works on one’s skin and what doesn’t. Thus, they will be more than happy to give you the right suggestions about your skin problems. As the name of the brand suggests, the product range has gold in it which is a precious metal from not just monetary perspective, but even from skin care perspective. Gold used in the products is of 24 K and it can give amazing amount of benefit to the skin.

The collection at the store is luxurious and it is for male and female both. If you would like to take the skin treatment in the store, then you can enjoy complete privacy and take the treatment comfortably. You will be allotted a personal skin care specialist who will look after your skin needs and give you quality skin treatment.

Due to hectic life schedule a lot of people do not get enough time to take care of their skin. OROGOLD Store will give you proper treatment and also offer you the range of products which you can use to improve the appearance of your skin and keep up with the pace of your work without neglecting your skin needs.

I had gone to the Calvin Klein Store on Bond Street when I happened to chance upon the OROGOLD Store (located right next doors). I was surprised as the store looked fantastic and I had never heard about the brand before. But, the displays and the fancy products looked really tempting and so I decided to give it a go.

The black and gold decors and the fancy interiors were one of the first things that I noticed about the store. Not only was everything in its proper place, the products lined up on the display shelves looked fantastic as well. A salesman approached me and asked me if there was something specific that I was looking for. I told him that I mainly wanted something for shaving and he showed me the Men’s Collection that the brand offers to its male customers. I was also told that although most products can be used by men, this one is particularly beneficial when it comes to shaving.

In store view of OROGOLD UK Store

The service was amazing and I was also allowed to try on some of the product before purchasing. While I was trying out the product on my skin, a skin care specialist also approached me and asked me if I would like a free consultation on skin care. I was surprised with the level of professionalism and instantly agreed. And I was really happy with my decisions because she actually offered me some great insights on how to use the Men’s collection and make it a part of my daily routine.

I found the men’s collection to be pretty stylish and attractive on the outside with each of the products being packed in good-quality boxes which had an amazing shine on it. Though I have used various kinds of cosmetics and skin care products of various brands, I had never come across something so different and trendy till date.

The salesman explained to me that this was a luxurious collection that has been designed in accordance to the needs of a man’s skin and helps him deal with the strong effects of wind, sun, pollution and dirt and day-to-day routines such as shaving which is exactly what I needed. The products have been blended with ingredients such as pure gold and Vitamins A, C and E. He also informed me that the presence of green tea helps these products to hydrate the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and also improve the skin’s moisture capacity.

After speaking to him about the products and the benefits associated with them, I realized that my skin really did lack moisture and felt dry lately. With a busy work schedule and a stressed mind, I really don’t get much time for myself, let alone maintaining a proper skin care regime.

I revealed my apprehension about how effective the product would be on my skin and whether it would be worth spending almost $500 on a skin care collection. On hearing this, the salesman requested me to take a seat on a very inviting and luxurious white-coloured sofa and took my permission to apply a cleanser on my face to show its effects and advantages. As I had nothing to lose and was free for the next 1 hour, I agreed instantly.

He brought the 24K Men’s Deep Pore Cleanser from the Men’s Collection and kept it beside me. He first explained to me that this was a light-lathering skin cleanser which reaches within the deepest of pores and removes oil, dirt and daily residue from the skin leaving it soft and supple. He then took a small amount of the cleanser and applied to my wet face. After working up a fine lather he waited for a minute and then rinsed off the product from my face. When the demonstration was over with, I wiped my face with a towel and looked into the mirror. Believe it or not, I just couldn’t believe it as my skin tone had become 2 shades lighter and my face was silky soft to touch! It was then that I decided that I had to purchase the collection immediately.

I was running an errand for my dear husband on King’s Road when I passed the Orogold Store there and couldn’t help but stop in front of it for a quick glance of the entre place. At first, I wondered if I should even stop in front of the store or not as I had heard about the various kinds of marketing practises that these stores own and lure the customer into buying several products.

However, the beautiful gold and white decor looked so tempting from the outside that I just couldn’t resist myself from entering it. It really did seem apart from all other skin care stores that I had visited and had a relaxing and soothing environment. As soon as I entered the store, I was greeted by this well-dressed and smart looking man who just didn’t look like a salesman! He was so courteous and friendly too. He started talking about Orogold and informed me that this was a unique brand that uses Gold in all its products so that one can reap the amazing skin benefits that this mineral has to offer. He also offered me some free product trials but that is what all skin care stores do so I wasn’t really shocked when they did so.

However, when I applied this Vitamin C moisturizer on my hands, it became so soft and supple that I really started wondering how a product could be so effective at the first application!

I told the salesman that my main area of concern were my eyes that had started looking dull lately and due to the presence of dark circles, I started look old and weary all day at work.

On hearing this, the salesman led me to a different room where I was made to sit on a white chair. The ambience was beautiful and soothing. I then learnt that I would be meeting an in-house skin care specialist who would analyze the skin care problems for me. Sure enough, the specialist I met knew his job a little too well as he explained the cause of dark circles to me and also enriched me with the various ways to control the problem naturally.

I was so impressed by his knowledge and expertise that I totally followed his advice when he suggested that I use the 24K Exclusive Dark Circle Eye Solution from the 24K Exclusive Eye Care Collection from Orogold.

As I left the store, I never felt more happy and satisfied on spending my hard earned money on something absolutely worthwhile and perfect such as the solution I had just bought from an amazing skin care store named Orogold.

Thank you OROGOLD for a wonderful experience and I definitely look forward to coming back for refills.

I have heard a lot about the wide range of Orogold Cosmetics and also read about it on different websites, but never got any opportunity to visit any of its stores. That day I had some work to be done at the Barclays Bank, so after getting done with that I took the Kensington Street thinking of doing some window shopping. It was just then, that I came across the Orogold exclusive store. Well, I had got enough time in my hand to be able to spend half of an hour and also got tempted to some extent for peeping into the store. Whatever, I entered this Orogold store, which as I later learnt, was like the other Orogold stores in London, was uniquely decorated, the dominating colours here being black, white and gold. The interiors were just grand and the arrangement of the products on the glass shelves was truly eye-catching.

As I entered the store the store-in-charge came towards me and extended towards me a very warm welcome by offering me a cozy plush seat. He then enquired me about the product or products that I was looking for to buy. I explained him that it was my first visit there and I need to know more about the products before going for any one of those. Yes, of course, I was a little bit worried about my eyes, so I shared my anxiety with him and he started explained me about the 24K eyecare products from Orogold.

The store-in-charge showed me packs of three types of 24K Orogold products – 24K Anti-Aging Eye Serum, 24K Anti-Aging Hydrophilic Gel Eye Mask and 24K Intensive Eye Formula Cream, and kept on explaining in detail about the usefulness of each of these 24K products from Orogold. He explained me that loosened skin around the eyes gets tightened diminishing the risk of crow’s feet formation around the eyes with regular use of the anti-aging eye serum. As he went on explaining I got to know that the 24K Anti-Aging Hydrophilic Gel Eye Mask enriched in vitamins, minerals and essential oils renew the skin under the eyes whereas the 24K Intensive Eye Formula Cream reduces the dark circles and puffs around the eyes as its primary constituents were green tea, caffeine Vitamin and of course 24K Gold.

After a free trial of the 24K Intensive Eye Formula Cream I decided to purchase that one for the first time application of an Orogold product with assurance from the store-in-charge regarding 365 days availability of refilling options.

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    I have been to many Orogold stores around the world but my favorite store has to be in London. Maybe because I love London so much so I am biased! Great job

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